HOLLYWOOD — Legendary distributor Sandy Frank (“Name That Tune”) is looking to romance the U.S. syndication marketplace for the first time in recent memory with the dating/game strip “Lovers or Liars.”

Blue Forest Prods., just kickstarted by Michelle Radz (former producer on yakker “The Geraldo Rivera Show”), hatched its format. Strip is on track for a fall or midseason debut.

Working overseas

With so few opportunities these days for an indie unaligned with a station group to launch a new syndie show, 35-year-old Sandy Frank Entertainment has steered its product toward international distribution over the years.

But Frank’s shingle thinks it may have some luck at home with “Lovers or Liars.” Show calls for contestants to watch a mix of real and fake couples interact, and then try to determine who’s sending off true sparks and who’s shooting blanks.

“There are certainly a lot of dating shows out there,” admitted Phil Oldham, exec VP at Frank Entertainment. “But we think there’ll be some surprises with this. … And (the dating genre) is a good category out there. The court business is oversaturated. And there hasn’t been a successful talkshow in a number of years.”

Teaming for ‘Tune’

Frank Entertainment also has started shepherding its content to broadcast and cable nets. It’s currently teamed up with “Weakest Link” showrunner Phil Gurin to develop a fresh network spin on “Name That Tune.”

In addition, Blue Forest’s Radz is pitching a number of other strip formats. Projects housed at her New Jersey-based company include “The Party Lounge,” an international dance music show that would tape from Gotham’s Times Square, and “The Haunted Mystery Tour,” a gamer with a spooky setting.