New ‘Enterprise’ for scribe

Shiban slides from X-philes to trekkies

After spending seven years exploring “The X-Files,” scribe John Shiban is beaming aboard “Enterprise.”

Shiban will join the staff of the latest “Star Trek” skein next season as a writer and co-exec producer. He’ll work with series creators/exec producers Rick Berman and Brannon Braga, who will continue to serve as showrunners of the Paramount Network TV-produced UPN hit.

Chris Black, who’s been a scribe/supervising producer of “Enterprise” during its maiden season, will be upped to co-exec producer .

Berman said landing the Endeavor-repped Shiban was a coup for “Enterprise.” “The single hardest thing for us to do after all these years is to find great writers who understand ‘Star Trek.’ It’s always been a problem.”

But Berman said Shiban seems to have a feel for what he and Braga are trying to achieve with “Enterprise” and the larger “Trek” franchise.

Shiban started his “X-Files” career in 1995 as a writer. He was upped to producer in 1997 and later worked with Chris Carter to create and produce “X” spinoff “The Lone Gunmen.”