Mouse picks up kidvid series, movies

Mip Brief

CANNES — Walt Disney Television Intl. has picked up the sixth season and two TV movies of Kidvid, ‘Rolie Polie Olie’ from Canada’s Nivana.

The show, one of the most popular for Disney internationally, will air on the Playhouse Disney channel in the UK and Spain, and in programming blocks in France, Italy, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

Disney has also bought an additional 22 episodes of comedy series ‘Even Stevens’ from Fireworks Intl., and 26 installments of action adventure ‘The Zack Files’ from DECODE Entertainment.

Also within the Disney family, Fox Kids Europe has announced it has acquired 52 episodes of kids anime ‘Hamtaro’ in a deal with Japan’s Shogakukan Production and TMS Entertainment. The show will air across Europe and in Israel.