Mouse enters Korea

Disney Channel to hit viewers in June

SEOUL — Mickey, Aladdin and Buzz Lightyear will hit the Korean airwaves June 1.

ABC Cable Networks Group will begin broadcasting the Disney Channel to Korean viewers in June through Korea Digital Satellite Broadcasting under the brand Skylife.

The channel will reach an estimated half a million Korean households by the end of 2002, according to the companies.

“Korea is a market that shows tremendous potential for growth in the cable and satellite industry,” said David Hulbert, president of Walt Disney Television Intl. “This is an important step in expanding our presence throughout the region.”

Disney Channel is available on pay TV in seven Asia-Pacific markets: Australia, Brunei, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan. Disney-branded programs are broadcast on local terrestrial networks in 12 countries in the region. Company estimates it reaches a total audience of 300 million in the Asia-Pacific region. There are 15 Disney Channels worldwide covering 53 countries.

Programs on the Disney Channel in Korea initially will be in English with Korean subtitles.