King, Walters hail proposed CNN-ABC

Anchors tout union, hope to 'play together'

ABC’s Barbara Walters and CNN’s Larry King gave their blessing to a proposed ABC News-CNN joint-venture.

The two network stars were either camping it up or were in full campaign mode for the controversial merger on King’s gabfest Thursday night.

After discussing what newspapers were saying and exchanging a few awkward volleys about talk around the “coffee-cooler,” ABC’s Walters slammed her point home.

“I have missed on ABC not having the international thrust that you have. You go to Europe, you go to any country, you go to China, wherever, and there is CNN.”

Though Walters did address potential downsides of cost reductions, she chalked up the decision to bottom-line economics.

“If indeed, both of our companies do better, make more money — which is the name of the game these days, isn’t it? — then it’s probably a good thing for us.”

Working together?

King agreed, even suggesting that they work together, perhaps pooh-poohing the notion that cable and broadcast stars wouldn’t mix well.

Walters took it further when she said that being used in a pinch “wouldn’t be bad for us.”

After King told Walters that she was one of his favorite people in the world, Walters responded with equal admiration.

“I hope the merger happens so that you and I can play together.”