Don Johnson and Scott Steindorff have formed the small-screen production company DJS Prods. and are plotting a miniseries, a reality show and several pilots that include a drama Johnson might star in.

DJS has already optioned the Jeff Shaara novels “The Glorious Cause” and “Rise to Rebellion,” which will form the basis for a miniseries or movie about the American Revolution.

Johnson and Steindorff are in talks to option the Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen bestseller “The One Minute Millionaire,” which they hope will propel a reality show they are calling “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” meets “Survivor.”

Their pilot projects include “Border Patrol,” a New Mexico-based drama that will be developed as a potential star vehicle for Johnson. He said he will wait for a pilot script before committing to it as an actor.

DJS also will include the potential series pilot “Casino Eye,” a drama about a Vegas-based surveillance expert that is being written by Gary Scott Thompson (“The Fast and the Furious”) for NBC and DreamWorks.

Another potential series the producers are about to shop is “Can’t Get Arrested.” Penned by Jeff Kahn (“The Ben Stiller Show”), the sitcom revolves around an unemployed actor whose arrest for stealing leads to undercover FBI work. Johnson also has brought Steindorff in on the HBO pic “The Education of Ron Morris,” a drama about gambling in college football, and a CBS telepic “Lombardi in Love,” which is about to cast.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to make enough money to fund this personally,” Johnson said. “I’ve had private offers, and we could lay it off, but right now I don’t have to.”

“I’ve known Scott since he first got into the business — in fact, I gave him his first job,” said Johnson, who hired Steindorff to write a telepic called “Lessons of Love.”

Steindorff is a film producer who specializes in turning books into movies. Among them is the recently completed Robert Benton-directed adaptation of Philip Roth’s “The Human Stain” for Miramax and Lakeshore starring Anthony Hopkins and Nicole Kidman, and the Howard Hughes biopic that Chris Nolan is writing and will direct with Jim Carrey starring for Castle Rock.

Steindorff’s film venture, Stone Village, will remain separate, as will Johnson’s feature company, Don Johnson Prods. The latter has several projects in development including the Disney-based animated film “The Mysterious Tadpole,” which Johnson is developing with Rob Minkoff.