HOLLYWOOD — After a great tryout last summer, HBO Sports is launching a second installment of its NFL expose series “Hard Knocks” on July 31.

Cabler will follow up last year’s initial report on the Baltimore Ravens with a look at how the Dallas Cowboys train for the 2002 football season.

HBO Sports prexy Ross Greenburg said it was important this go-around “to team up with a real intriguing organization that has universal name recognition. The Dallas Cowboys’ tradition of open access with the media and fans alike makes them a natural choice for this year’s program.”

“Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Dallas Cowboys” will air Wednesdays at 11 p.m. Series ends Sept. 4.

Needed boost?

Perhaps the extra exposure will boost the Cowboys into the NFL play-offs this year, an opportunity they’ve missed the past couple of seasons.

Cowboy owner Jerry Jones explained: “Summer training camp in the NFL is a staple of our sport. Bringing that experience into the living rooms of fans is a great opportunity for the Dallas Cowboys.”

Show will be produced by HBO Sports in association with NFL Films and the Dallas Cowboys.