‘Dawson’s’ up the creek in Malaysia

Censorship Board banned skein 2 years ago, but now RTM to air

KUALA LUMPUR — “Dawson’s Creek” is causing a flap with Malaysia’s tough censors — again.

They have banned two segs and ordered cuts in others after pubcaster RTM began unspooling what is generally considered a tame, coming-of-age skein, in a latenight slot last month.

The Film Censorship Board banned it altogether two years ago when privately owned web TV3 tried to air it, the panel saying offensive dialogue and references to casual sex offended the largely Muslim population.

Peeved TV3 execs want to know why the board is now allowing RTM to screen the series.

The board is well-known for its tough and sometimes incomprehensible censorship; it banned highly acclaimed HBO series “Sex and the City” even though Malaysian auds can see it via satellite.

Tribunal is extremely sensitive to anything it believes may adversely affect the nation’s youth — it has even nixed local and foreign TV programs that showed people with long hair.