Creditors take over Canal 4

Crousillat family ousted, Crosby appointed topper

LIMA — Creditors of America Television’s Canal 4 have appointed a businessman with no TV experience to helm the troubled net, ousting longtime owners the Crousillat family.

America TV filed for bankruptcy in November, owing more than $70 million to a consortium of 30 creditors headed by Mexico’s Grupo Televisa, Italian-owned Banco Wiese and Peru’s government (for back taxes).

New topper is Jaime Crosby, who runs Western Union in Peru.

Four Crousillat sisters have been running the network since last year after their father, Jose Enrique, and brother, Jose Francisco, transferred ownership when they were implicated in the corruption scandal that brought down President Alberto Fujimori in 2000.

Crosby will inherit a court case filed by Peru’s special prosecutor’s office investigating corruption.

The prosecutor wants to revoke America TV’s broadcast license and confiscate property to recoup bribes allegedly accepted by the Crousillats.

The father and son are accused of receiving more than $3 million to slant news coverage in favor of Fujimori’s government, which held power for 10 years.

The two have been in hiding since mid-2001, reportedly in Argentina. The police have issued several warrants for their arrest.