Comic denies ripoff

World Brief

British comedian Harry Enfield has dismissed claims that his new sitcom is based on “The Osbournes,” MTV’s hit reality show starring veteran rocker Ozzy Osbourne and family.

Enfield’s six-part series, “Celeb,” is skedded to air on pubcaster’s flagship channel BBC1 next month, but Osbourne’s lawyers have threatened legal action.

Enfield maintains that his show is derived from a cartoon strip that runs in British satirical magazine Private Eye and that he has never seen “The Osbournes.”

Enfield’s character, Gary Bloke, is a faded rock star living in fictional “Rockmansionshire” with a young trophy wife and two teenage kids.

The show’s producer, U.K. indie Tiger Aspect, insists the claims against “Celeb” are unfounded.