MONTREAL — Chum TV has inked a slew of sales to broadcasters around the globe, including deals with Blighty satcaster BSkyB and the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

BSkyB has acquired “tvframes,” Chum’s urban adventure/travel series, to be broadcast on its Sky Travel.

Chum has sold MT-MediaTelevision’s “Comedy in Advertising” special and six episodes of “MT-MediaTelevision” to Oz’s ABC, which will air the shows on its Youth Network.

Also in Australia, Foxtel has bought 20 one-hour episodes of “Speakeasy” to be aired on its femme-channel FX. The featured artists in the series include Celine Dion, Harry Connick Jr., Joni Mitchell, Elvis Costello, Jennifer Lopez and Phil Collins.

Sydney-based XYZ Entertainment, which owns Channel V, MusicMax and Lifestyle Channel, has acquired 36 hours of music and literary/arts programming from Chum.

XYZ also inked deals for 20 hours of program renewals. The package picked up by XYZ includes the first two seasons of “BookTelevision,” which will air on Lifestyle.

In addition, 13 of Chum’s “The Story of” specials will be broadcast on Channel V and a batch of MuchMusic programming will air on MusicMax, including “U2 Does Much,” “Live at Much,” “The New Music,” “Rap City” and “Intimate and Interactive.”