Patricia Heaton

Lead Actress - Comedy

Patricia Heaton

Series: “Everybody Loves Raymond”

Years on show: 5

Emmy pedigree: Four nominations, two wins

Episode submitted: “A Vote for Debra”

2001-02 shining moment: A Valentine’s Day “We have nothing in common anymore” dinner

Pro: She’s got tons of momentum and may become the female Kelsey Grammer with three wins in a row.

Con: It could be time to spread the wealth.

Quotable: ” ‘Raymond’ has everything an actor could want: terrific writing, a great cast and crew, and civilized hours. The money ain’t bad either. This is a dream job.”

Critical viewpoint: “She’s the sitcom version of a normal, everyday working mom, which means she’s a babe who doesn’t have to spend too much time actually being a mom. Still, there’s enough of a non-Hollywood air about Heaton to keep the illusion alive and connect with the audience.” Tim Cuprisin, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel