Matt LeBlanc

Lead Actor - Comedy

Matt LeBlanc

Series: “Friends”

Years on show: 8

Emmy pedigree: First-time nominee

Episode submitted: “The One Where Joey Tells Rachel”

2001-02 shining moment: When he put on pregnancy stretch pants to eat a Thanksgiving turkey.

Pro: With “Friends” supposedly wrapping up next year, now’s the time to reward the stars.

Con: In a series that is equally balanced among the actors with no true standout, voters might not want to acknowledge a per-former who shares the weekly spotlight with five others. Plus, LeBlanc and castmate Matthew Perry might split the vote.

Quotable: “I wasn’t expecting a nomination. I just worked my butt off this year.”

Critical viewpoint: “LeBlanc has always been underrated on the show but this was his season.” Matt Roush, TV Guide