Kelsey Grammer

Lead Actor - Comedy

Kelsey Grammer

Series: “Frasier”

Years on show: 9

Emmy pedigree: Three-time winner, 12-time nominee

Episode submitted: “The Love You Fake”

2001-02 shining moment: Dressed as Dr. Sigmund Freud for Halloween

Pro: He’s the category’s respected, seasoned veteran and it would be hard to argue with his qualifications.

Con: No one would disagree that Grammer has become one of the best, if not the best, comic actor of the past decade but it just may be time for someone else to shine.

Quotable: “I have never been visited by the fear that (Frasier) is stale. By now Frasier lives in my subconscious. We discover life on kind of the same terms.”

Critical viewpoint: “The thing about ‘Frasier’ is it’s always done a decent job of what is essentially the same premise: mistaken circumstances. Grammer remains artful at this, while seeming more and more to copy Jack Benny’s wry looks.” Allan Johnson, Chicago Tribune