Jennifer Aniston

Lead Actress - Comedy

Jennifer Aniston

Series: “Friends”

Years on show: 8

Emmy pedigree: Two-time nom for supporting, first time for lead

Episode submitted: “The One Where Rachel Has a Baby”

2001-02 shining moment: The delivery of her baby in the final episode.

Pro: Aniston might be ready to bust out with a movie career and an Emmy might finally acknowledge her work in the TV biz.

Con: Lisa Kudrow is the only actress (not guest) on “Friends” to have won an Emmy.

Quotable: “I love being surprised every week, I really do. I love being excited to see what’s around the corner, and they never disappoint me.”

Critical viewpoint: “Jennifer Aniston’s storyline with David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc was one of the reasons why ‘Friends’ was the hit it was this season. Being at the focal point of the show should allow her to walk away with an Emmy, even though she’s in a particularly tough category.” Allan Johnson, Chicago Tribune