Tribute to King celebrates joy of ‘Sex’

Showrunner feted for exposing thesps

There’s no polite way to put this: The Atlantic Theater’s tribute to “Sex and the City” showrunner Michael Patrick King had a decidedly erotic fixation.

Monday night’s fete at the Regent Wall Street Hotel (the scene of Liza Minnelli’s third wedding reception) quickly picked up steam when Kristen Johnston, Clark Gregg and Kate Blumberg gave the definitions for such King-coined terms as “bed arrest” and “clam mouth.”

Cynthia Nixon then thanked the writer-producer for “exposing actors on camera in ways they never dreamed.” Sometime between the filet mignon and the chocolate mousse, assembled guests were treated to “Sex and the City” clips of various Atlantic alums in compromising positions. One enduring scene comes from the episode in which the theater company’s artistic director, Neil Pepe, receives a rather exploratory massage from Nixon.

King explained why he hired so many thesps from the Atlantic Theater stable: “Their actors fake orgasms better than any others.”