Tarantino foots ‘Bill’ at Miramax luncheon

Helmer hypes next pic which will lense in L.A., o'seas

Miramax Intl. chairman Rick Sands started off the company’s annual Cannes luncheon with a joke that suggested God had talked up hell as if it were heaven. Sands then realized he bought hell based on a promo reel.

It was the prelude to producer Lawrence Bender introducing a video message from Quentin Tarantino, who was in Beijing hyping the start of his next pic, “Kill Bill.”

International distribs are hoping that Sands’ joke had nothing to do with Tarantino’s trippy teaser.

Tarantino announced that he and his cast — including Uma Thurman, Keith Carradine and Lucy Liu — have four more weeks of “grueling” martial arts training to do before the start of the pic, which will shoot in the Chinese capital as well as in Tokyo, London and Los Angeles.

“I can do stretches like a 16 year-old-girl now,” boasted the helmer, who ended with: “See you in Cannes in 2003. We’ll be the easiest people to spot because we’ll be carrying the Palme fucking D’Or.”

Dining at the Majestic Beach along with Sands and Miramax topper Harvey Weinstein were Miramax “family and friends” Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci, Michelle Yeoh, Walter Salles, Nick Moran, Rachael Leigh Cook, Melissa Joan Hart and Sharon Stone.