Revelers wide-eyed at ‘Insomnia’ bow

Nolan talks about mounting pressures post- 'Memento'

The talk after Wednesday’s “Insomnia” preem at the El Capitan was that director Christopher Nolan had pulled off the potentially precarious career move of following up the highly regarded “Memento.”

Nolan said one aspect both films share is a protagonist “who has exhaustion and guilt and is under all these mounting pressures.” This time, however, the pressure was on Nolan to not do a movie “with such an extreme structural conceit that it has the danger of being seen as a gimmick.”

Nolan said “Insomnia” is almost the opposite of its predecessor “because you’re passing through a character’s linear experience.”

As for what Nolan called “the period of wringing hands and how-do-I-follow-up-this-movie,” that would normally come after something like “Memento,” he was “spared” — he’d begun shooting “Insomnia” before “Memento’s” release.

Among those at the benefit for St. Jude’s Hospital were Warner Bros.’ Alan Horn, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Kevin McCormick and Dawn Taubin; producers Broderick Johnson, Andrew Kosove and Paul Junger Witt; stars Robin Williams and Hilary Swank; plus guests Tom Shadyac, Sid Ganis, David Foster, Mark Johnson, Scott Berg, Jeff Bridges, Rod Steiger and Wes Craven.