Oz comic has crowning moment

Connolly plays 'Queen' promoting pic

Yes, this is Cannes and no, you are not imagining things. Queen Elizabeth really has been walking down the Croisette. Well, her doppelganger at least.

Australian actor-comedian Gerry Connolly has been gracing Cannes with his royal presence to promote his romantic comedy “The Queen and I,” for U.K. producer Nik Powell of Scala Prods.

Connolly has been a fixture on the red carpet this year and at numerous Cannes soirees to tout the pic, set in Australia and Buckingham Palace.

Described as a cross between “Tootsie” and “Dave,” pic is being directed by Michael Pattinson, who co-wrote the script with Connolly.

It’s the story of England’s Queen traveling to Australia to inaugurate a republic when she is clocked on the head by a misthrown boomerang. The Australian government inveigles Connolly’s character to impersonate the monarch. In the midst of all this turmoil, he falls for the policewoman guarding the Queen.

Casting for the female lead is underway in Oz and the U.K., with production skedded to start in March. Connolly is repped by Australia’s Jacinta Waters Management in Melbourne.

Connolly had his own personal encounter with the Cannes authorities when he was robbed here. The actor managed to catch two of the thieves responsible and identify them in a lineup, regain all his stolen cash and thwart a potential crime syndicate in the process.