More than ‘Enough’

Loews Lincoln Square goes Gothic for preem

“Men and women have different needs,” says a character in Columbia’s Pictures’ latest thriller, “Enough.” But at Tuesday night’s premiere, men, women and no shortage of teenage girls were all craving the same thing — Jennifer Lopez.

A crush of fans and curious onlookers packed the streets outside the Loews Lincoln Square and the Roseland Ballroom, where the after-party was held.

More often the scene of rock concerts, the venue was decked out like a Gothic cotillion, with white fabric draping the entrance, floating gardenia centerpieces, and a bier of candles in the main room. And while the impenetrable crowd of Lopez worshippers swarmed five deep, wandering around the room was a jumble of high-brow and mass culture, including Ralph Fiennes, the ubiquitous Hilton sisters, Ananda Lewis, Walter Mosley and Russell Simmons.

Celebrity mix was not unlike the range of director Michael Apted, whose credits run the gamut from brainy docs to studio blockbusters. For him, “Enough” was par for the course. “It goes with my interest in the changing role of women in society — about women’s empowerment,” he said. “This one deals with it in a thriller-ish way, with women as victims, and a woman not prepared to stay in that role.”

And as for the star of the show, Apted said, “I was given all these horror stories (about her), but she was great. You know, it’s a big job to fill, but she was committed to it.”

Co-star Dan Futterman agreed, “She was definitely working her ass off.”

Others who came out: co-stars Juliette Lewis, Billy Campbell and Tessa Allen, Columbia execs Amy Pascal and Jeff Blake, producers Irwin Winkler and Rob Cowan, and guests Lorraine Bracco, LL Cool J, Angela Bassett, Bob Hoskins and Star Jones.