Journalist Carlos Hugo Aztarain discovered God as Zinedine Zidane scored the winning goal (and a goal of genius) for Real Madrid on Wednesday night’s European Champions League soccer final — the most important sporting event to take place during this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

The match was held in Glasgow and a jam-packed audience watched it locally at Morrison’s pub.

There are consequences for the movie industry. Do not be surprised if the following go dewy-eyed or burst into tears during meetings this fest: Andres Vicente Gomez, Gerardo Herrero, Jose Maria Morales, Pedro Uriol. They’re all Real Madrid fans, just remembering Zidane’s curling, 40-yard goal. Simply pat them — manfully — and whisper: “Good goal.”

And do not mention Madrid, soccer or white (Madrid’s color) to Antonio Llorens, Luis del Val, Xavier Catafal, Monika Ganzenmuller or Gemma Folch. They all support Barcelona, Madrid’s arch-rivals.