‘Jessica’ comes out in N.Y.

Preem a family affair

HOLLYWOOD — It may have been a funny comparison for a movie about the New York singles scene, but at the preem of Fox Searchlight’s “Kissing Jessica Stein” on Tuesday, producer Eden Wurmfeld likened the production to an Amish barn-raising.

At the Metronome after-party, director Charles Herman-Wurmfeld expanded on his brother’s notion. “It was an incredible group of friends and family that came together. (Associate producer) Doug Liman is an old friend from high school and he really backed me at the last minute and helped me seal the job. My grandmother is Grandma Esther in the film, and we made her send her check back to us when she was paid, which she gladly did.”

“Our first director, when we were with a studio, wanted to shoot in Toronto, meaning you’ll get more takes,” said Heather Juergensen, who wrote, produced and starred with Jennifer Westfeldt in the pic based on their play “Lipschtick.” “But we wanted New York, we wanted the streets of New York, we wanted the people of New York and the actors of New York, and that’s really what is in every frame of this movie.”

At least Esther Wurmfeld appeared to be having a good time along with Liman, producer Brad Zions and cast members Tovah Feldshuh, Scott Cohen and Jackie Hoffman.