Hamptons hobnobbing

Parties not what they used to be

A bartender at the Chef restaurant in Southampton complained last weekend that the Hamptons aren’t what they used to be. “It’s all these people now who think they’re someone coming out here to party,” he said.

Those words proved prophetic at Hamptons magazine editor-in-chief Jason Binn’s annual Memorial Day soiree, held at his not-so-sprawling house on Potato Field Lane.

“If this is what it means to arrive,” said a Manhattan screenwriter who found himself at a party distinguished by tanned midriffs and breast enhancements, “then don’t sign me up!”

The party seemed to some guests like an outtake from the Barbara Kopple miniseries, “The Hamptons,” which will air next week on ABC and has already been shown to some nervous viewers on the Hamptons circuit. Binn is prominently on display in the four-hour broadcast.

On more than one occasion at the packed bash, which mostly took place in the back yard of Binn’s house, someone blurted out that they had just seen blond heiress Paris Hilton and her sister Nicky. But such boasts could never quite be confirmed.

Jane Rosenthal and her husband, Craig Hatkoff, made an ever-so-brief appearance, posing for a photo or two with Binn and magician David Copperfield. Spotted amid the glitz was scribe Richard Regen, Miramax’s Andrew Stengel, Walden Media’s Alicia Goldstein, Dan Galpern and Rita Schrager.

Once Binn & Co. had booted out the last few stragglers, the party shifted to the Star Room in Wainscott, where Edward Burns held court with various nubile members of the vacuous set and several sources confirmed that at least one of the Hilton sisters had come and danced.