‘Godfather’s’ day

Coppola honored at Lincoln Center

Director Francis Ford Coppola doesn’t often get to play Avery Fisher Hall. But Tuesday night was his big chance thanks to a gala tribute benefiting the Film Society of Lincoln Center.

Coppola, referring to last weekend’s record opening of Sony’s “Spider-Man,” said: I am delighted that a movie can earn $100 million in one weekend, but there’s a lot more the cinema was created to do

“The cinema is being flogged to produce revenue any way it can,” he continued, “but it’s my dream and my hope the cinema can offer possible new ideas on how we can enlgithen ourselves.”

Al Pacino winged into town and received a standing ovation for his troubles. He recalled seeing Coppola seated alone crying after the crew had wrapped for the evening on the “The Godfather” set. ” ‘They won’t give me another set-up!’ ” Coppola told the actor. Said Pacino: “If this guy is crying over one shot, maybe there’s a movie here.”

Guests included Jeff Bridges, Diane Lane and family members Talia Shire, Roman Coppola, Sofia Coppola and Spike Jonze.