Cowpokes get in the ‘Spirit’

Mustang ranch beach fete accompanies toon screening

It’s a wonder Bryan Adams didn’t get “horse” as he sang the entire score for “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron” at the pic’s special screening Saturday at the Palais.

At the beach afterparty for the DreamWorks animated feature, Adams said his live performance with band during the showing of the film was a first for Cannes.

“It was a great experience; we just wondered if we’d be able to hit our marks,” confessed Adams, who sang but did not play guitar, since his right hand — injured when a car hit his motorcycle — was all bandaged up.

Adams’ songs for the movie, including “Here I Am,” received long applause, as did Hans Zimmer, who wrote the music and was also on hand for the film’s Cannes unveiling.

DreamWorks’ Jeffrey Katzenberg told reporters at the party he was pleased to have “Spirit” shown at Cannes, calling this the “most important” film festival.

Most important for Europe or for America? “Well, you’re here,” Katzenberg smiled at the U.S. journalist.

With that, he went to join the spirited “Spirit” beach celebration.