Martial-arts film buffs from the Croisette to Pacoima are licking their lips over the ambitious plans of the newly formed Celestial Pictures.

Having announced the purchase of the famed Run Run Shaw library of over 700 classic Hong Kong actioners, Celestial took the opportunity at its party Friday at the Carlton to also beat the drum for its production slate, its Celestial Cinema television programming plans, the renovation of Shaw’s Hong Kong studios, digital remastering of the library titles and more.

William Pfeiffer, Celestial’s CEO, says those fans include the always-high-profile martial arts buff Quentin Tarantino, currently in Beijing shooting the Hong Kong-influenced actioner “Kill Bill.”

“Quentin made a special trip to our studios just because he’s such a fanatic about the library,” says Pfeiffer. “He told me, ‘There is no white man on earth who knows these films better than me!’ ” Pfeiffer recalls, noting their conversation wasn’t just buff talk.

“Quentin would love to do something with us and our library, maybe a television series showing the classic films which Quentin says he’d call ‘Quentin Tarantino’s Blackbelt Theatre,’ which shows you’d he’s really, really into these films.”

Pfeiffer chuckles as he recalls the high point of the visit. “I knew Quentin was a serious buff,” says Pfeiffer, “when he arranged to have his picture taken sitting in Run Run Shaw’s chair.”