Paul Chubb

Oz actor

Australian character actor Paul Chubb, who worked in film, TV and theater and who played the lead roles in two films, died June 9 in Newcastle, New South Wales, from complications after surgery for cardiomyopathy. He was 53.

Chubb, whose real name was Paul Dunford and who took the name “Chubb” because it accurately described his physique, began his acting career at Sydney’s Ensemble theater and soon segued to TV soaps, usually playing an easygoing, working-class bloke. He also played numerous roles onstage, and worked with Judy Davis in Louis Nowra’s play “Inside the Island.”

Chubb appeared on the tube in series like “Number 96” and “Glenview High.” After working extensively in theater, he tackled roles in prestige TV series such as the Kennedy-Miller productions “The Dismissal” and “Bodyline” and also “Robbery Under Arms.” He hosted “Theatre Sports” on the Australian Broadcasting Corp. network and also appeared in the TV productions “Cop Shop”, “Rafferty’s Rules,” “Home and Away,” “Round the Twist,” “GP,” “Water Rats” and “Kingswood Country,” among many.

Chubb appeared in 22 films, with leading roles in “Stan and George’s New Life” (1990) and “The Roly Poly Man” (1994). He appeared in supporting parts in some major Australian feature films by top directors, including Paul Cox (“Golden Braid,” 1990), Samantha Lang (“The Well,” 1997), Ray Lawrence (“Bliss,” 1985), Sue Brooks (“Road to Nhill,” 1997) and Mark Joffe (“Cosi,” 1995). He also made a mark in Dusan Makavejev’s “The Coca-Cola Kid” (1985).

His last film appearance is in the yet-to-be-released “Dirty Deeds,” in which he plays a supporting role opposite Bryan Brown and Sam Neill.

Chubb is survived by a brother.