John Toffoli, Jr.

Concord Pavilion general manager

John Toffoli Jr., who helped establish the Concord Pavilion (now the Chronicle Pavilion) as a major outdoor performance venue in Northern California, died Jan. 30 in Walnut Creek, Calif., of complications following stomach cancer surgery. He was 70.

Toffoli was the pavilion’s first general manager and served until his retirement in 1995. He also was an executive board member and the artistic director for nonprofit fundraising organization Concord Pavilion Associates and held that position until his death.

The Pavilion staged nearly 2,000 performances since its inception in 1975.

Richmond, Calif., native previously held numerous positions in the recreation and arts fields, directing programs such as the Richmond Art Center and the Concord Community Arts program.

He is survived by wife Peggy and four sons.

Donations may be made to the John Toffoli jazz scholarship fund set up by the Pavilion Associates at P.O. Box 21643, Concord, CA 94521.