Mouse makes Mucha sr. VP

Dreyer to continue with Disney on a consulting basis

HOLLYWOOD — Zenia Mucha, a communications vet at Disney’s ABC unit and previously of New York politics, Thursday was named head of Mouse House corporate communications to replace the ankling John Dreyer.

Dreyer, 54, will continue with Disney on a consulting basis. A Mouse spokeswoman said he wanted to pursue other interests, including involvement with nonprofit organizations.

A 25-year Mouseketeer, Dreyer has been closely identified with Disney topper Michael Eisner. He exits conglom with Eisner perhaps in the most embattled period of his 18-year Mouse rein due to a stagnant stock price and sluggish broadcast and theme park ops.

Mucha, 45, has been promoted to senior VP, corporate communications. She previously was senior veep of communications for the ABC Broadcast Group and the ABC Television Network, She joined the Alphabet web in February 2001.

“It’s been extremely exciting for me to work with extremely talented people here at ABC, and I hope this year has taught me the basics of the entertainment business,” Mucha said in an interview. “I’m very honored and privileged to be moving on to Disney (and) I see this as an opportunity to help the media do its job in covering one of the largest companies in the world.”

Prior to ABC, Mucha served as director of communications and then as senior policy adviser to New York Gov. George Pataki. The press announcement of her Disney appointment included an excerpt from a New York Times article about her departure from the Pataki administration.

“Ms. Mucha’s official responsibilities were defined as press relations, scheduling and correspondence,” the article noted. “But her portfolio has expanded to include virtually every major decision made by the governor.”

Strategic position

Similarly, Disney said that in her newly expanded position Mucha will bear overall responsibility for both the communications policies and strategic positioning of the Walt Disney Co. and its diverse global business.

She’s expected to have continuing involving in communications management at ABC. When a successor is named for her Alphabet post, the exec will report to Mucha.

Eisner said Mucha has been “nationally recognized as one of the most strategic and forward-thinking communications professionals in America today.”

He also lauded Dreyer, as the corporate communications vet segues from full-time involvement at the Burbank conglom to a consultant’s role.

“John’s vast contributions to our success over the years, including his loyalty, work ethic and understanding of the Walt Disney Co., have won him great admiration,” Eisner said. “We’re delighted to continue working with him in his new role.”