Top clients may follow agent Styne

Tenpercenter moves to CAA

In a surprise move, International Creative Management agent Nick Styne has ankled the percentery to join Creative Artists Agency.

Styne is under contract with ICM until April. The timing of his arrival at CAA is unclear, according to a spokesman for that percentery.

It’s also unclear which of Styne’s clients will make the move with him. ICM said that the agency expected to see Cameron Diaz and Luke Wilson depart the shop with Styne, along with model-actress Heidi Klum and Selma Blair.

The departure of Diaz, the second-highest paid female actress in the business next to Julia Roberts, is a particularly tough break for ICM: Diaz recently earned $20 million on Columbia Pictures’ “Charlie’s Angels 2.”

The ICM spokesman added that while other Styne clients, like Robert Downey, Jr. and Rosario Dawson would be staying, no determination had been made on Rupert Everett, who was out of the country and couldn’t be reached for comment Tuesday afternoon, when Styne informed ICM of his decision to leave for CAA.

Prior to joining ICM in June 1994, Styne had been an agent at Writers & Artists Agency.

Calls to Styne were not returned. His nephew, David Styne, is a motion picture lit agent at CAA.