Upcoming WB reality entry “The Surreal Life” has lined up the kind of dream cast that nightmares are made of.

Marquee names such as M.C. “Behind the Music” Hammer, Emmanuel “Webster” Lewis, Brande ” ‘Baywatch’ babe” Roderick, Corey “the Corey from ‘Goonies’ ” Feldman, Mindy “Natalie from ‘Facts of Life’ ” Cohn and Vince “Motley Crue” Neil are onboard to move into a house and have their lives taped 24/7, a la “The Real World.”

Producers Brass Ring Prods. and Mindless Entertainment had been promising a campy roster of D-level celebs for “Surreal,” which will follow the notorious pop-culture figures as they room and work together in the San Fernando Valley for two weeks.

They didn’t disappoint.

Hammer, nee Stanley Burrell, hit it big in the early 1990s with hits such as “U Can’t Touch This.” More recently, he’s gone broke but found God. Lewis, also known for his close friendship with Michael Jackson, was last seen on a celeb edition of “Weakest Link.”

Besides “Baywatch,” Roderick was Playboy’s Miss April 2000; her turn-ons include “taking in a good movie while spending time with loved ones and my beautiful puppy Mercedes.” Feldman, who popularized the name Corey with co-star Corey Haim in 1987’s “The Lost Boys,” last appeared on TV in the Sci Fi Channel’s 1998 telepic “Legion.”

Cohn, who reprised the role of Natalie Green for last season’s “Facts of Life” reunion movie, will provide the voice of Velma for the WB’s “What’s New Scooby Doo?” cartoon. Neil made news last month by storming off the stage when fans who came to see his current solo club tour didn’t know the lyrics to his songs and didn’t sing along.

Other names will be added to the cast in the coming days.

“Surreal,” originally slated to air this month, was pushed back to midseason in order to give producers more time to cast the skein and set up camp. The WB ordered six episodes of the reality series earlier this summer (Daily Variety, July 23).

Mindless’ Mark Cronin and Brass Ring’s Rick Telles and Cris Abrego will exec produce. Project originally was called “The Surreal World,” but “The Real World” producers MTV and Bunim-Murray Prods. informed the producers that the title sounded a little too much like that of their long-running show.