Indies make a mark


Pathe Distribution
Market share: 16.8%
Top 2002 title: “Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra” $77. 5 million
Upcoming releases: “Une Femme de Menage” (Nov. 13), Im Kwon-Taek “Chihwaseon” (Nov. 27)
Attending Mifed: Vivien Aslanian

Bac Distribution
Market share: 9%
Top 2002 title: “Travelling Birds” ($15 million)
Upcoming releases: “All or Nothing” (Nov. 13); “Aram” (Nov. 27)
Attending Mifed: Jean Labadie

Metropolitan Filmexport
Market share: 7.5%
Top 2002 title: “Lord of the Rings” ($36 million)
Upcoming releases: “Spider” (Nov. 13); “Bend It Like Beckham” (Nov. 20); “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” (Dec. 18); “Welcome to Collinwood” (Dec. 4)
Attending Mifed: Cyril Burkel

Mars Films
Market share: 7.5%
Top 2002 title: “8 Women” ($19.6 million)
Upcoming releases: “About a Boy”(Nov. 12); “La vie nouvelle” (Nov. 27)
Attending Mifed: Stephane Celerier

Market share: 1.7%
Top 2002 title: “Team Riders” ($4 million)
Upcoming releases: “Demon Lover” (Nov. 6); “Le temps d’un automne” (Nov. 27); “La vie extremiste” (Dec. 11)
Attending Mifed: Eric Geay, Lionel Uzan

Diaphana Distribution
Market share: 1%
Top 2002 title: “Marie Jo et ses deux amours” ($3 million)
Upcoming releases: “Sweet Sixteen” (TBA)
Attending Mifed: Karin Beyens, Julie Ferau
Through Sept. 30; $1 = s1.01


Constantin Film
Market share: 9%
Top title: “Nowhere in Africa”
($7.7 million)
Upcoming release: “Epsteins nacht” (Nov. 7)
Attending Mifed: Herman Weigel, Thomas Friedl, Martin Moszkowicz, Robert Kulzer, Mich Horwits

Tobis StudioCanal
Market share: 2.5%
Top title: Alaian Chabat’s “Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra” ($8.3 million)
Upcoming release: “White Oleander” (Dec. 19)
Attending Mifed: Kilian Rebentrost, Susanne Behnke

Market share: 2.3%
Top title: “The Others” ($4.3 million)
Upcoming release: “The One” (Nov. 14)
Attending Mifed: Hanno Huth, Benjamin Herrmann, Milada Rybarova

Market share: 1.8%
Top title: “Das Sams” ($7.6 million)
Upcoming release: “Welcome to Collinwood” (Nov. 28)
Attending Mifed: Rainer Koelmel, Daniel Guckau, Stelios Zernnes

Market share: 1.8%
Top title: “We Were Soldiers” ($3.7 million)
Upcoming release: “The Four Feathers” (Nov. 21)
Attending Mifed: Markus Zimmer, Henriette Sperl, Thomas Muller

Highlight Communications
Market share: .12%
Top title: “Scary Movie 2” ($10.5 million; released Nov. 8, 2001)
Upcoming release: “Halloween: Resurrection” (Nov. 7)
Attending Mifed: Paul Graf, Jasna Vavra, Stephan Giger

Market share: .6%
Top title: “Bella Martha” ($2.6 million)
Upcoming release: “Ten Minutes Older — The Trumpet” (Dec. 19)
Attending Mifed: Rudi Tijo

Market share: .8%
Top title: “Amelie” ($17 million)
Upcoming release: “Bowling for Columbine” (Nov. 21)
Attending Mifed: Ira von Gienanth, Yoko Higuchi, Volker Kronz
Figures from March 1-Oct. 2, 2002; $1 = s1.01


Medusa Film
Market share: 18%
Top title to date: “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” ($21.6 million)
Upcoming releases: “Unfaithful” (December); “The Legend of Al, John and Jack” (December); “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” (January); “Remember Me” (February)
Attending Mifed: Faruk Alatan, Clare McArdle

Market share: 6%
Top title to date: “Merry Christmas” ($15.1 million)
Upcoming releases: “The Wasp Nest” (November); “Christmas on the Nile” (December); “Tais Toi” (early 2003)
Attending Mifed: Aurelio De Laurentiis, Veronica Mona

01 Distribution
Market share: 5%
Top title to date: “Casomai” ($3 million)
Upcoming releases: “K19: The Widowmaker” (November); “The Core” (early 2003); “The Human Stain” (early 2003)
Attending Mifed: Giancarlo Leone, Carlo Macchitella

Eagle Pictures
Market share: 5%
Top title to date: “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” ($5.6 million)
Upcoming releases: “The Four Feathers” (November); “Austin Powers in Goldmember” (November); “Far From Heaven” (December); “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” (January)
Attending Mifed: Stefano Dammicco, Marcello Paolillo

Market share: 3%
Top title to date: “Amelie” ($8.3 million)
Upcoming releases: “L’Auberge Espagnole” (January); “The Man Without a Past” (December); “Sweet Sixteen” (February); “Real Women Have Curves” (March)
Attending Mifed: Valerio De Paolis, Antonio Medici, Gianandrea Mutti

Market share: 3%
Top title to date: “I Am Sam” ($4 million)
Upcoming releases: “Simone” (November); “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” (December); “L’Adversaire” (January)
Attending Mifed: Ernesto Di Sarro, Valentina Di Sarro, Ludovica Di Sarro

Italian Intl. Film
Market share: 2%
Top title to date: “America’s Sweethearts” ($4.3 million)
Upcoming releases: “Elling” (November); “Laurel Canyon” (November); “The Animal” (November)
Attending Mifed: Fulvio Lucisano, Federica Lucisano, Claudia Casagrande

Mikado Film
Market share: 1%
Top title to date: “Bloody Sunday” ($1 million)
Upcoming releases: “Russian Ark” (November); “The Man on the Train” (November); “Tadpole” (early 2003); “City of God” (early 2003)
Attending Mifed: Roberto Cicutto, Luigi Musini

Istituto Luce
Market share: 1%
Top title to date: “The Religion Hour” ($2.2 million)
Upcoming releases: “See How They Run” (November); “A Plot With a View” (December); “Piazza delle Cinque Lune” (March)
Attending Mifed: Leonardo Tiberi, Antonio More, Stefano Gasbarro, Roberto Savinio Patruno, Simona Agnoli

Lucky Red
Market share: 1%
Top title to date: “Tanguy” ($1.2 million)
Upcoming releases: “Winged Migration” (November); “Bend It Like Beckham” (December); “All or Nothing” (February)
Attending Mifed: Andrea Occhipinti, Stefano Massenzi
$1 = S1.01; figures cover Dec. 1, 2001, through Sept. 8


Aurum Producciones
Market share: 6.7%
Top 2002 title: “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” ($16.42 million)
Upcoming releases: “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” (Dec. 18); “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” (Nov. 29)
Attending Mifed: Alberto Canizares, Javier Garcia

Lauren Films
Market share: 6.5%
Top 2002 title: “Gosford Park” ($4.65 million)
Upcoming releases: “Novocaine” (November), “Aro Tolbukhin: In the Mind of the Killer” (November)
Attending Mifed: Antonio Llorens, Antoni Badimon

Market share: 4.9%
Top 2002 title: “Blade 2” ($9.11 million)
Upcoming releases: “FearDotCom” (Nov. 15), “Changing Lanes” (Dec. 5), “Ripley’s Game” (January)
Attending Mifed: Felipe Ortiz, Luis Ortiz, Jose Hueva

Market share: 3.6%
Top 2002 title: “Resident Evil” ($4.16 million)
Upcoming releases: “The Hunted” (early 2003), “People I Know” (early 2003), “The Quiet American” (2003)
Attending Mifed: Julio Fernandez, Carlo
s Fernandez, Jorge Tuca

Warner Sogefilms
Market share: 15.8%* (Warner Sogefilms is a joint venture of WB and Sogecable; WB product accounted for most of its share)
Top 2002 title: “The Hole” ($2.77 million)
Upcoming releases: “South From Granada” (early 2003), “Clever and Smart” (early 2003)
Attending Mifed: Not attending for acquisitions

Alta Classics
Market share: 3%
Top 2002 title: “The Son of the Bride” ($5.25 million)
Upcoming releases: “El caballero Don Quijote” (Nov. 8), “8 Women” (Nov. 29), “The Magdalene Sisters” (early 2003)
Attending Mifed: Enrique Gonzalez Kuhn

Vertigo Films
Market share: 2.8%
Top 2002 title: “Vidocq” ($2.28 million)
Upcoming releases: “Jet Lag” (January), “Far From Heaven” (2003), “City of God” (2003)
Attending Mifed: Not attending

Market share: 2.1%
Top 2002 title: “Ali” ($2.08 million)
Upcoming releases: “Gangs of New York” (early 2003), “White Oleander” (2003)
Attending Mifed: Luis de Val, Xavier Catafal
Source: ICAA. $1 = S1.01; figures for January to August 2002


Market share: 15.7%
Top 2002 title: “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” ($53 million)
Upcoming titles: “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” (Dec. 18); “Gangs of New York” (Jan. 10)
Attending Mifed: Nigel Green

Market share: 2.8%
Top 2002 title: “Rat Race”
($7.2 million)
Upcoming releases: “Deathwatch” (Dec. 6); “Man on the Train” (early 2003); “The Pianist” (January); “Bulletproof Monk” (Easter 2003)
Attending Mifed: Berenice Fugard, Francois Ivernel

Helkon SK
Market share: 2.5%
Top 2002 title: “Bend It Like Beckham” ($18.1 million)
Upcoming releases: “Welcome to Collinwood”; “Bollywood Queen”; “The Hunted” (all TBA)
Attending Mifed: Nick Manzi

Momentum Pictures
Market share: 1.5%
Top 2002 title: “Crossroads”
($8.5 million)
Upcoming releases: “Bowling for Columbine” (Nov. 29); “Wisegirls” (December); “The Magdalene Sisters” (Jan. 24)
Attending Mifed: Sally Caplan, David Kosse

FilmFour Distribution
Market share: 1.2%
Top 2002 title: “Monsoon Wedding” ($3.5 million)
Upcoming releases: n/a
Attending Mifed: n/a

Icon Film Distribution
Market share: 0.7 %
Top 2002 title: “We Were Soldiers” ($3.5 million)
Upcoming releases: “Anita and Me” (Nov. 22); “The Rules of Attraction” (February); “Basic” (April)
Attending Mifed: Nick Hill, Toby Hill

Eros Intl.
Market share: 0.6%
Top 2002 title: “Devdas”
($2.7 million)
Upcoming releases: “Kushi”; “Tera naam”; “Dil churake chal diye”
Attending Mifed: Kishore Lulla, Ken Naz, Rajesh Das

Optimum Releasing
Market share: 0.3%
Top 2002 title: “The Closet” ($680,929)
Upcoming releases: “He Loves Me … He Loves Me Not” (Nov. 22); “Personal Velocity” (end of year); “Real Women Have Curves” (January); “Nowhere in Africa” (April)
Box office figures supplied by EDI; figures through September. £1 = $1.56


Roadshow Film Distributors
Market share (2001): 23.7% (estimated, including Warner Bros. and New Line product)
Top 2002 title: “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” ($25.7 million)
Upcoming releases: “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” (Oct. 24); “The Lord of the Rings: Two Towers” (Dec. 26); “Two Weeks Notice” (Jan. 1)
Attending Mifed: Joel Pearlman, Katherine Carroll

Becker Entertainment
Top 2002 title: “Rabbit-Proof Fence” ($4 million)
Upcoming releases: “Welcome to Collinwood” (February); “White Oleander” (March)
Attending Mifed: Andrew Mackie, Richard Payten

Dendy Films
Top 2002 title: “Y tu mama tambien” ($441,000 through its fifth weekend)
Upcoming releases: “8 Women” (Dec. 26); “The Magdalene Sisters” (April)
Attending Mifed: Andrew Mackie, Richard Payten

Top 2002 title: n/a
Upcoming releases: “Bowling for Columbine” (Dec. 26); “Together” (Easter)
Attending Mifed: Troy Lum

Hoyts Distirbution
Top 2002 title: “Dirty Deeds” ($2.7 million)
Upcoming releases: “Swimming Upstream” (January); “Confidence” (mid-2003)
Attending Mifed: Richard Sheffield

Icon Film Distribution
Top 2002 title: “Bend It Like Beckham” ($6 million)
Upcoming releases: “Rules of Attraction” (Dec. 26); “Far From Heaven” (Feb. 7); “Basic” (March)
Attending Mifed: Mark Gooder

Palace Films
Top 2002 tit1e: “The Last Kiss” ($407,000)
Upcoming releases: “Plots With a View” (April); “Laurel Canyon” (May)
Attending Mifed: Antonio Zeccola

Note: $1=$A1.81; figures for January through Sept. 15. Apart from Roadshow, market shares are not available.

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