Huddle to huddle at ICM

Motion picture agent exits WMA

After two years, John Huddle has ankled the William Morris Agency to join International Creative Management as a motion picture literary agent.

Neither company would comment, but insiders at both shops say Huddle, with 18 days left on his contract, was eyeing the door and that both sides were satisfied with the decision. Observers at both companies noted that Huddle was one of only a few junior motion picture agents at WMA who weren’t drawn from the dozen-odd ICM transplants brought over with co-CEO Jim Wiatt.

While at WMA, Huddle worked with clients that included Gary Scott Thompson (“The Fast and the Furious”); Caryn Lucas (“Miss Congeniality”); Danny Jacobs (“Mad About You”); Jason Ward and David Garrett (“Corky Romano”); Adi Hasak (“Endgame”); David Goodman (“Futurama”) and Art Monterastelli (“The Hunted,” “Rainbow Six”). It remained unclear late Friday as to which, if any, would be accompanying him to ICM. Huddle did not return a call seeking comment.

Huddle had spent his entire percentery career at WMA, starting there in March 1997. He served as an assistant on the desk of then-lit head Alan Gasmer and was elevated to agent in March 2000. He is expected to join ICM this week.