Recent buys:

Docu “Lost in La Mancha”; “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not,” starring Audrey Tautou; “The Closet”; “Nine Queens”; “Biggie and Tupac”; “Betty Fisher and Other Stories”

Rate the acquisitions climate:

“There are lots of companies buying for the U.K. now, indies and majors, but people came home from the AFM empty-handed, so Cannes is shaping up to be a very aggressive market.”


“A sales company sticking to a ridiculous asking price.”

Advice to filmmakers vying for your attention:

“We haven’t stepped up and bought a lot of films from script stage. A project needs to be original, cheap and not a lightweight comedy. But there don’t seem to be any new voices out there in the U.K.”

Favorite place to screen a film:

“I just love screening movies anywhere at Cannes. At a market, I’m as happy sitting on a stool in someone’s office watching an 18-inch TV screen as I am in a multiplex with great sound.”

Film you wish you had picked up:

” ‘Monster’s Ball.’ We wanted it, but Entertainment beat us to it. Everyone else in the U.K. turned it down.”