ABC adding slew of new shows

Alphabet pinkslips 'Job,' 'Spin,' 'Philly'

NEW YORK — ABC had good news for a slew of producers over the weekend — and some not-so-happy tidings for the folks behind “Philly,” “Spin City,” “The Job” and “Dharma & Greg.”

Meanwhile, as pre-upfront buzz continued to build, there was word that Fox may be bringing back Friday sci-fi franchise “Dark Angel,” while CBS gave an early pickup to the 20th Century Fox TV comedy “Still Standing.” Eye’s “Hack” and “Without a Trace” were also looking good, though no official orders had been placed.

Neither Fox nor CBS would comment pending their respective Thursday and Wednesday sked announcements.

As for ABC, the net officially informed producers of “Philly,” “Spin,” “The Job” and “Dharma” that their skeins wouldn’t be renewed for fall. While “Dharma” and “The Job” have long been considered dead, there had been some hope left for “Philly” and “Spin.”

But Alphabet execs seem intent on cleaning house, particularly of urban-based shows like “Philly” and “Spin.” Net’s sked seems to be taking a decidedly middle-class, middle America shape, with an emphasis on family programming in early timeslots.

Sked still seemed very much in flux late Sunday, but so far ABC has committed to at least nine new shows, though it’s not clear on all which are headed for fall and which will be midseason backups.

On the drama side, ABC has said yes to the supernatural-tinged detective drama “Miracles” (Touchstone/Spyglass); the Indiana Jones-ish family adventure drama dubbed “Veritas” (Touchstone/Storyline); the medical-themed “The Oath” (Touchstone); the interactive mystery “Push, Nevada” (Touchstone/Live Planet); and the retro-hour “That Was Then” (Touchstone), in which a man gets a chance to relive one critical day in his high school career.

There was also buzz that ABC was leaning toward picking up political drama “Capital City,” though no official order had been placed.

As for laffers, Alphabet’s seemingly slam dunks for fall include the Bonnie Hunt family comedy “Life With Bonnie” (Touchstone); “8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter” (Touchstone); and the Terry Minsky project, now dubbed “Less than Perfect” (Touchstone). Touchstone’s John Ridley-penned “I Got You” and “Regular Joe” and the Michael Jacobs-penned “Second Chance” (Touchstone/NBC Studios) are also in the mix, perhaps for midseason, while Warner Bros. TV’s “The George Lopez” will get a second chance to find an aud this fall.

A slew of sked scenarios for ABC were buzzing around Gotham and Los Angeles, but Alphabet insiders insisted nothing had been locked.