PMP pumps two deals

Partnership inks with SBS Independent, Fandango Australia

SYDNEY — Feevee Premium Movie Partnership has unveiled two first-look deals with local producers hot on the heels of Monday’s appointment of Jack Matthews as new CEO.

PMP — owned jointly by Paramount, Vivendi Universal, Sony, 20th Century Fox and Liberty Media and which operates firstrun movie channels Showtime and Showtime 2 and library channel Encore — has inked with SBS Independent, the commissioning arm of foreign-lingo pubcaster SBS-TV.

This formalizes a history of partnering on new feature films through pre-sale and investment financing. Duo have partnered on many low-budget pics including “The Boys,” “Mullet,” and “Radiance.”

Second deal is with Fandango Australia, the new division of Domenico Procacci’s Italo distribution and publishing company, which is topped by Sue Murray. PMP and Fandango recently co-financed, “Alexandra’s Project” from helmer Rolf de Heer with the South Australian Film Corp. and Palace Films.

PMP acquisitions and investment topper Mark Woods said: “This alliance ensures ‘Alexandra’s Project’ will be the first of several collaborations, and it represents an important avenue for PMP to continue sourcing a pipeline of quality Australian titles.”