Inside Move: ‘Sweet’ producers plead for success

Letters goes out to Tony voters

In a unique plea for its show during Tony time, the producers of “Sweet Smell of Success” sent out the following letter to Tony voters:

“Theater reporters for three of the industry’s most significant publications — the New York Times, the New York Post and Variety — have gone out of their way to undermine ‘Sweet Smell of Success’ at every opportunity. The most current illustrations relate to forecasting or reporting the Tony nominations. Articles in all three publications handicapped only one show category — best musical — and each minimized the prospects of our show. For reasons we can’t fathom, these attacks have not abated since our previews and seem intended to undermine the show in the eyes of audiences and now Tony voters. We fervently hope you will not be influenced by this concerted effort in the press — which, coincidentally, is the subject matter of our show …

“We are eager for your consideration because we, as producers, find ourselves in a place where many of you have been in your theatrical careers — on the wrong side of the press that covers our community.”

For the record, the current issue of Variety dissects the Tony race in the categories of play, actor in a play, actress in a play, actor in a musical and actress in a musical, as well as musical.