HOLLYWOOD — Geffen Theater producing director Gilbert Cates will direct the first play of the playhouse’s five-work 2002-03 season, David Eldridge’s “Under the Blue Sky.” Running Sept. 10-Oct. 20, “Sky” tells three interconnected tales, journeying from London to Devon, about after-hours liaisons between three pairs of teachers.

It will be followed by “Pearl,” a contempo adaptation of “Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs” conceived and directed by Debbie Allen. Music for the show, running Nov. 12-Dec. 22, is composed by Grammy winner James Ingram, Diane Louie and Allen.

The Geffen’s artistic director, Randall Arney, will helm Rebecca Gilman’s “Boy Gets Girl” Jan. 28-March 9. Critically acclaimed drama depicts a femme Manhattan journalist who becomes the object of a man’s obsession.

The fourth play will be Richard Nelson’s “Franny’s Way,” running April 8-May 18, 2003. Set in Greenwich Village in the summer of 1957, play is by the author of last season’s hit “Madame Melville.”

All the plays named will have their West Coast premieres at the Geffen. A fifth play, to be announced, will close the season with a June 10-July 20 run.