Kandoo, Puddles pool for $5 mil-$8 mil slate

'Cave,' 'Resort,' 'Hand From Above' among pix

HOLLYWOOD — Los Angeles-based Kandoo Films and Puddles of Doom, a film production company with offices in Los Angeles and Toronto, are readying a slate of projects in the $5 million-$8 million range. With financing coming from Florida investors, Puddles and Howard Barish’s Kandoo have lined up projects that will be shot exclusively in that state.

“We ultimately intend to move our home base to southwest Florida while maintaining our offices in Los Angeles and Toronto,” said Carl Goldstein, president of Puddles of Doom. “Our plans with our investors and the state of Florida is to build a studio facility in Sarasota.”

Slate includes “The Cave,” a comedy about two friends who discover a crime-fighting machine in a secret cave; “The Last Resort,” an action comedy about a botanist who uproots a terrorist plot; and “A Hand From Above,” an action-adventure focusing on a marine biologist.

Canuck content

Canadian content will be part of the companies’ slate, starting with “Underdogs,” a family film about a teenage girl who saves a veterinary clinic. Pic will be shot in Canada and New Zealand.

Companies’ first project, “The Bail,” was shot in Florida earlier this year and stars Danny Smith and Brandon Quinn. The actors currently star in the “Big Wolf on Campus” teen series, which airs on the ABC Family Channel.

Ten-year-old Kandoo also is in the TV promo biz and for the seventh year is producing CBS’ on-air fall primetime campaign, themed “It’s All Here.”