Inside Move: Print promos paging summer auds

Adverts prime pump of expectations

New Line’s “Goldmember” has been gold for newspaper ad execs, but DreamWorks isn’t in the print “Spirit” just yet.

And in the jockeying for summer B.O. attention, the different tacks spotlight the perennial marketing question: How much, and how soon?

New Line took three full-page ads for its July 26 release “Austin Powers in Goldmember” in recent summer-preview sections in both the New York Times and L.A. Times. But DreamWorks was notably absent from both.

The New Line ads effectively underscore the official name for “Goldmember,” which was long without a title due to a legal squabble,but the campaign also aims to cleverly convey an important new addition to the cast of the second “Austin Powers” sequel: Copy on the three successive ad pages bore tag lines reading “The Good,” “The Bad” and “The Dad” — with a photo of new cast member Michael Caine on the third page.

“It’s a franchise we are very proud of,” marketing prexy Russell Schwartz says. “And we thought it was important to tell readers … that the (cast) has gotten bigger.”

By contrast, DreamWorks is operating on the less is more theory — for now. DreamWorks unspools high-profile trad-tooner “Spirit: Stallion of Cimarron” over the Memorial Day frame and Tom Hank starrer “The Road to Perdition” on July 12. But it’s holding back the pics’ marketing barrage until it can see the whites of moviegoers’ eyes.

“I don’t think a single consumer sits there going through 40 pages of color ads to make any decision on what movie they’re going to see,” DreamWorks marketing maven Terry Press explains. “I’d rather place a color ad in the paper closer to the picture’s actual release date.”

Among all distribs, Sony and Warner Bros. were the splashiest advertisers in both the NYT and LAT special sections, with seven full-page ads apiece to tout their hefty summer slates.