Clones, Spidey toned

Strong legs o'seas for sci-fi adventures

Coming off monster openings, “Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones” flew through its second weekend to effortlessly dominate the B.O. in Europe, Australia and parts of Asia, while “Spider-Man” demonstrated similarly strong legs in Japan and Latin America.

The Jedi Knights captured an estimated $36.7 million from roughly 5,800 screens in 73 countries, propelling the foreign total to $128.9 million.

George Lucas’ epic rang up $566,000 on 77 screens in its Norway debut, and $1.1 million including the prior weekend’s sneaks, commanding 80% of the market and tracking 40% above the bow of “Episode I.” “Clones” fell by just 34% in the U.K., minting $8.6 million, sending its territory total to a dizzying $31 million.

Tallies surge

Germany’s $5.6 million weekend saw the pic’s 10-day tally surge to $21.1 million (off 50%), while France’s $5.7 million frame took its score to $15.4 million (down 54%). Fox hailed Australia’s $3.3 million as a record soph session, as “Clones” moved its local B.O. to $11.3 million (tumbling by 48%).

Among the other stellar cumes are Spain’s $7.7 million (dropping 42%), Italy’s $5 million (abating by 42%), Sweden’s $2.9 million (slipping by 38%) and Switzerland’s $2 million (down 38%). Not quite in the same league are Taiwan’s $1.8 million and Hong Kong’s $1.5 million.

Dream weaver

Sony estimated “Spider-Man” captured $18.5 million from 3,300 prints in 33 countries, elevating cume to $100.2 million, with all of Western Europe and Australia/New Zealand yet to open.

Spidey spun an unprecedented $1.36 million on 250 screens in India, 24% ahead of previous champ “The Mummy Returns,” which initialed on 175; and $496,000 on 77 in Indonesia (in local currency, eclipsing prior record-holder “The Lost World: Jurassic Park’s” launch on 43).

In its soph sessions, the webslinger registered the second biggest weekends ever (behind the same pic’s first weekends) in Mexico, Brazil and Venezuela. Mexico generated $5.3 million for a 10-day bounty of $18.5 million, skidding by 41%. Brazil chipped in with $2.7 million, and a smash $7.9 million in 10 days, easing by a mere 21%. Venezuela chimed in with $1.6 million in 12 days, a slim 11% decline.

In its third lap in Japan, the comicbook-inspired hero pocketed $4.2 million (off 21%), hoisting the market total to a juicy $27.5 million. Through its fourth round in Korea, Spidey’s earned a wondrous $11.6 million.

‘Panic’ pays

“Panic Room” slumped by 41% after a sturdy preem in Japan, fetching a nonetheless impressive $6.7 million in nine days. The Jodie Foster headliner brought in about $4.1 million overseas over the weekend, bringing cume to a satisfying $58.9 million, with Latin America and Korea ahead.

Gaspar Noe’s rape-and-revenge saga “Irreversible” caused a stir in the hothouse atmosphere of the Cannes festival, but out in the real world, folks don’t seem all that bothered, at least judging by its skimpy bows in France and Italy.

Meanwhile, “Thunderpants,” a British kidpic about a compulsively flatulent schoolboy, was on the nose in Blighty, whistling up just $608,000 on 356 screens.