‘Bourne’ may be eyed via ‘Spy’ PPV

Exclu preview available in Redford/Pitt pic's menu

Universal’s summer spy thriller “The Bourne Identity” will gain additional exposure in coming months as part of an innovative cross-promotional campaign with the Universal Studios TV division.

Beginning on Friday, when U released its 2001 Robert Redford/Brad Pitt pic “Spy Game” on pay-per-view and video-on-demand, customers who order “Spy Game” also receive more than five minutes of exclusive footage from “The Bourne Identity.”

The “Bourne Identity” footage doesn’t appear as a trailer at the beginning of “Spy Game” but as a menu option that customers may opt to ignore. Even so, it’s the first time these pay TV outlets have served as a platform to preview a major studio feature prior to its theatrical release.

“With our Universal Pictures’ colleagues, we are very proud and excited to be the first major motion picture studio to offer this kind of groundbreaking promotion,” said Holly Leff-Pressman, senior VP of worldwide pay-per-view and video-on-demand, Universal Studios Television Distribution.

The “Bourne Identity” promo runs through Sept. 8. Pic, which stars Matt Damon, hits theaters June 14.