Universal has closed deals with “Sexy Beast” director Jonathan Glazer and screenwriter Andrew Bovell for the remake of the 1999 Hideo Nakata-directed Japanese film “Chaos.” Laura Bickford is producing with Robert De Niro and Tribeca partner Jane Rosenthal.

The addition of Glazer and scripter Bovell (whose credits include “Lantana” and “Strictly Ballroom”), beefs up what has become a remarkable package at this stage of the film, given the small budget and limited audience of the original “Kaosu.” Pic is a potential starring vehicle for De Niro and Benicio Del Toro.

The signing of Glazer in particular is considered a coup, given how aggressively the preeminent British commercials director has been courted since making his feature debut on “Sexy Beast,” the drama which got Ben Kingsley an Oscar nom for playing one of the nastiest criminals seen on film in some time.

That edginess will be right at home in “Chaos,” a drama that revolves around a grifter drafted to stage the kidnapping of a rich businessman’s wife. The plot goes awry when the grifter returns from making his ransom demand to discover his captive has been murdered.

Del Toro, who worked with Bickford on “Traffic,” hopes to play the kidnapper. While De Niro is currently attached only as producer, the hope is that he will play the businessman. U’s Mary Parent and Donna Langley are shepherding the project with Bickford and Tribeca’s Naomi Despres.

The film will be exec produced by Vertigo Entertainment partners Roy Lee and Doug Davison, who repped the Japanese rights holders and who now have brokered their third remake deal for Nakata-directed films. “Ringu” was made into a Gore Verbinski-directed DreamWorks thriller, while Bill Mechanic’s Pandemonium is developing a remake of “Dark Water.”