Dougray Scott has become the third partner in Hero Films, alongside director Mike Barker and producer Anne Batz.

Scott will take a cameo role in Hero’s $2.8 million Scottish comedy “The Bums’ Rush” by first-timer helmer Stewart Svaasand.

Pic, to shoot this fall, is a Norwegian co-production starring Denis Lawson and Kevin McKidd.

Hero, which is based in London but plans to open an office in Glasgow this summer, is developing another project with Svaasand, “Curious Moments.” Scott is slated to take the lead role as a narcoleptic journalist on a quest loosely inspired by “Jason and the Argonauts.”

Barker, who recently finished the $20 million historical drama “To Kill a King” with Scott, has two directing projects in development with Hero.

First is “China Girls,” about two female police detectives in 1920s London, scripted by William Morrissey. BBC Films is also involved.

Second is “Killing Ground,” adapted from Gerald Seymour’s novel about an American nanny in Italy who is recruited by the DEA to help catch a Mafia kingpin.

Hero and BBC Films are also developing “Vultures,” written by Rob Young and to be directed by Clare Kilner (New Line’s upcoming “How to Deal”). It’s a quirky love story set in Spain.

Independent of Hero, Scott is attached to play Dylan Thomas in Chris Monger’s “The Map of Love” for Mick Jagger’s Jagged Films. He will also star in New Line’s “Hurricane Season.”