Hong Kong film group Media Asia unveiled its lineup in Cannes May 16 with arthouse, action and horror fare, including supernatural thriller “Visible Secret II,” a new actioner for Jackie Chan and a high-profile library of Chinese-language pics from the 1990s.

Despite some European markets stuck in the doldrums, the company’s wide range of product has generated interest, especially among some German buyers, said Jeffrey Chan, Media Asia’s head of distribution.

Company is hawking “Visible Secret II,” a follow-up to last year’s hit by director Ann Hui, who’s only producing this time around. Pic has been sold throughout Asia, where it hits theaters later this year.

One of Media Asia’s biggest buzzers is Jackie Chan vehicle “Titanium Rain.” Pic, about smugglers going after the remains of fallen U.S. and Soviet military satellites, is currently in development.

Mabel Cheung (“Beijing Rocks”) is set to helm the true-life tale of seven children on the run in Maoist China after their parents fall victim to the Cultural Revolution.

Action helmer Tony Ching (“The Longest Day,” “Mad Monk”) is gearing up to direct “Naked Weapon,” about a highly-trained group of deadly but beautiful female assassins who know more than one way to snuff their targets.

Company also is developing “Initial D,” a live-action pic based on the popular Japanese comics and animated series about a Tofu delivery boy trained by his ex-car racer father in the art of speeding through mountain roads.

Media Asia also has re-acquired non-Asian rights to the vast Golden Princess library, which includes pics from directors like Tsui Hark, John Woo, Ringo Lam, Kirk Wong and Johnny To.