Looking at ‘Glass’

Christensen weighs disgraced journo pic

Hayden Christensen, now onscreen as a young Darth Vader in “Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones,” is in negotiations to topline the drama “Shattered Glass” for Lions Gate.

Produced by Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner’s C/W Productions and Baumgarten-Merims, “Glass” is based on true story of now-disgraced journalist Stephen Glass. For a brief span, Glass was one of the most sought-after reporters in Washington, D.C. A 25-year-old rising star who contributed to Rolling Stone and was a staff writer for The New Republic, Glass made up sources, quotes, and often, entire stories. It was later discovered that during his nearly three-year tenure at the Republic, Glass fabricated portions of 27 of his 41 stories.

“Glass” would be Christensen’s next film after “Clones” and would re-pair him with the company at which he began his career. (He toplined the Lions Gate-produced Cannuck television series, “Higher Ground.”)

Christensen earned a Golden Globe nom for best supporting actor for last year’s New Line Cinema release, “Life as a House.”

Screenwriter Billy Ray (“Hart’s War”) will make his helming debut, and is also the writer of the film.

Producers are Craig Baumgarten, Gay Hirsch and Tove Christensen; executive producers are Paula Wagner and Adam Merims.

Baumgarten found the original story on Glass’ misdeeds in a Vanity Fair article, and brought it to Ray, who got the project rolling.

Christensen is being repped in the deal by CAA.