Amnesty Intl. and Holland’s non-profit Doen Foundation will put up 10,000 euros ($9,800) in new prize money for films that support human rights.

Amnesty Intl.’s Dutch branch, which since 1995 has held the Amnesty Intl. Film Festival every two years, also announced it will hold the fest annually in March in this city.

At both this month’s Intl. Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam and the Intl. Film Festival Rotterdam in January, a $4,914 prize will be handed out to the winner of the film that most advances the cause of human rights. Winning pic will also be guaranteed distribution in Holland.

Vanessa Redgrave will be among the IDFA jurors. Fest runs Nov. 21-Dec. 1 in Amsterdam. Jurors for the Rotterdam fest, which opens Jan. 22, have not yet been announced.

The Doen Foundation, financed by the Dutch National Postal Code Lottery and Sponsor Bingo Lottery, regularly supports a number of human rights, environmental and other causes.