First Look Pictures has acquired North American rights to “No News From God,” starring Penelope Cruz and Victoria Abril, one of a slew of films that the company is dealing with here at Cannes.

The company will release the pic, from writer-director Agustin Diaz Yanes, this fall, and then will sked a video-DVD release.

MJ Peckos is prez of First Look, which will release foreign-lingo Oscar nominee “Elling” this month.

Meanwhile, First Look Media, under execs Robbie Little and Michael Mosca, has unveiled plans to bow “Between Strangers,” starring Sophia Loren, Mira Sorvino and Gerard Depardieu, in Canada Oct. 4. Overseas Filmgroup, a division of FLM, is handling distribution.

And FLM is offering the world preem of two pics here. “Quicksand,” starring Michael Caine and Michael Keaton, was co-produced by Cinerenta and Vision View. Timothy Prager scripted and John McKenzie helmed.

“The Nugget” is an Eric Bana starrer written, directed and produced by Bill Bennett.

And FLM’s “Skins,” from director Chris Eyre, has been chosen to close the Human Rights Watch Intl. Film Festival in Gotham, where it will be co-presented by the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian located in Battery Park in Manhattan.

First Look will launch the pic Aug 9 in New York.