Rob Cohen is negotiating to next direct “Warrior” for Columbia Pictures. The W.D. Richter-scripted action film is about a pilot’s effort to bring down a computerized fighter jet that has gone awry and is wreaking havoc.

Project was set up at Phoenix Pictures. Laura Ziskin will produce with Mike Medavoy.

Cohen, who has most recently directed “The Fast and the Furious” and “XXX,” is expected to bring the same high-octane youth formula to “Warrior.” It is the second project Cohen has at Columbia, as he’s attached to the Greg Poirier-scripted biopic of Hawaiian King Kamehameha that will star the Rock.

Cohen is also developing the Revolution-based sequel to “XXX” with Vin Diesel set to return as the title character. That film is expected to begin production after Cohen completes “Warrior.”

“Warrior” is being overseen by Col execs Matt Tolmach, Rachel O’Connor and Peter Schlessel.

Cohen is repped by WMA.