While Cannes viewers were feeling the Force at a special screening of “Star Wars: Episode 2 — Attack of the Clones,” Twentieth Century Fox of Germany on Thursday rolled out the pic in Turkish for the country’s sizeable Turkish population.

It’s the first time ever that Fox has brought out a Turkish-dubbed film in Germany.

Germany’s 1 million-strong Turkish population makes up 70% of all Turks living in Europe; in Berlin alone, some 20% of school-age children are of Turkish descent.

Fox is initially bringing out seven Turkish-dubbed copies — from a total of 1,035 — in major urban hubs like Berlin, Cologne and Hamburg.

Exhib chain UFA says it hopes to attract bigger auds and boost its box office revenue with the added offering. While Turkish-language pics are new for Fox, many cinemas in Germany cater to ex-pats and Anglophiles with original English-language versions of films.

In related news, Fox has denied reports that pirated German-language copies of “Clones” were available on Internet download sites. After conducting a thorough web search, the distrib says downloadable files titled “Star Wars: Episode 2” were nothing more than fakes.